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  • The theater SÄIJE offers high-quality Lapland theater activities in Rovaniemi. You can get involved in the activities of SÄIJE, if you are a child or youth over 7 years old.
  • In SÄIJE you practice theatrical expression under the guidance of professionals at the level you want: we have groups for enthusiasts, those interested in goal-oriented basic art education and youth theater.
  • The values of Finnish youth clubs inclusion, equality and community are the basis of our theater activities.
  • In SÄIJE’s activities we strive to strengthen children’s well-being skills and self-confidence-learning based on your own experiences, observations and insights in interaction with other group members and the environment.
  • In SÄIJE you have the right to safely try different roles, throw you self into taking the story, let your creativity blossom, screw up and laugh hard together with others.
  • Theater is a team effort and it allows you to be part of a group. SÄIJE’s groups enjoy the feeling of doing things together, learning something new and the experience of success!

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Theater coordinator

Elina Rousu-Uurtamo

Puh. +35850 4620 700